Finally, A $650 Dragon/Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket

June 22, 2018


This is the $650 Faux Dragon or Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket available from Regal Robot. Since each foot is hand-finished to order, you can request if you want more of a dinosaur or dragon coloration, although I'm not sure what the difference is. Athough, $650? I'm pretty sure you could rent a time machine and go back to the Cretaceous Period and saw the foot off an actual dinosaur carcass for that (just watch out for other scavengers). "You can't rent time machines." Maybe not where you're at, but they're plentiful where I live. "And where do you live?" In my mind.

Keep going for a few more shots.





Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees no waste basket should cost more than $620.

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