Drunk Woman Gets Her Head Stuck In Truck's Giant Exhaust Pipe

June 14, 2018


This is a very brief video of the rescue effort after a future Darwin Award recipient got her head stuck in a truck's massive exhaust pipe. Apparently the woman got drunk at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Minnesota (presumably because what else is there to do?) and decided to give the truck an intimate colonoscopy. I think I can see the engine! Personally, before resorting to the jaws of life I would have started the truck and revved the engine a few times to see if that worked, but that's just me and I'm a firm believer there are very few problems in life revving your engine can't solve, especially letting everyone in the vicinity know you're the loud and proud owner of a two and a quarter inch penis.

Keep going for the video while I get my hand stuck in a Pringles can and pretend I'm a robot now.

Thanks to Amelie, who agrees there's no way this chick isn't the life of every party.

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