Drone Fitted With Artificial Intelligence That Can Identify Violence

June 13, 2018

Research teams in the UK and India have developed an artificial intelligence system that can detect violence in video captured from above via a drone. Some more info while I flip Big Brother the bird and fake-fight with my friend to confuse the system while I plan a life underground:

The system is more than 88% accurate at identifying the violent people in the images and between 82% and 92% accurate at identifying who's engaged in which violent activities.

In an email, University of Cambridge researcher Amarjot Singh suggests the system could be used to automatically spot outbreaks of violence at outdoor events such as marathons and music festivals.

There are, however, lingering privacy concerns about how this and other AI-based technologies could be used. Civil libertarians have warned that when applied to photos and video, AI technology is often inaccurate and could enable unwanted mass surveillance.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this. After all, you know how I feel about doing battle unobstructed. I live for it. "Have you ever even been in a fight?" I swung my backpack as hard as I could at a school locker once. "Why'd you do that?" Because the cafeteria ran out of rectangular pizza. "Wow." Biology textbook knocked me out cold.

Keep going for a video about the system while I speculate how it handles a mosh pit or really shitty dancers.

Thanks to Trevor, who agrees he and I are both safe until they develop AI that can identify handsome.

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