Company Developing A Drone Umbrella That Follows Your Head

June 4, 2018


These are a couple preliminary test videos of Asahi Power Service's freeParasol, a DJI Mavic Pro drone with an umbrella attachment that, with the eventual addition of an artificial intelligence tracking system, will allegedly be available for sale next year and be able to follow your head and keep you dry, hands-free. Will it stop other people from swatting at your dronebrella? No. Will it stop dronebrellas from bumping into one another and causing pandemonium? I doubt it. Does the test dronebrella in the second video crash into the floor? Yes. How practical will dronebrellas actually be? No. "That wasn't a yes/no question." Yes. "No." For you, anything.

Keep going for three videos, the second featuring a crash, the third entirely CG.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees the easiest way to stay dry is to take a page from your good friend GW's book and never leave your apartment, not even for a fire.

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