Clever: Pencil Dice, Six-Sided Pencils With Dots You Can Use To Roll Like Dice

June 19, 2018


These are the Pencil Dice designed by Sebastian Bergne (except he stole the idea from me -- I knew I felt somebody poking around in my dreams), six-sided pencils with dots on each side so you can roll them across your desk to act as dice in the absence of actual dice. Clever! They cost around $3.30 per pencil though, at least until a bunch of other people start printing them for cheaper. Hell, you don't even need to print them, just use a Sharpie to add dots an existing pencil. "You're so smart, GW." I know, I'm a real genius when it comes to saving money then blowing it all on lotto scratchers.

Kepe going for a couple more shots in case you're having trouble grasping the concept, although I'm not sure they'll help.



Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees this sure beats trying to number the sides of a crumpled paper ball.

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