Clever Girl: Video Of A Dog Going For A Run On A Covered Outdoor Treadmill On A Rainy Day

June 15, 2018


Because who likes getting wet (I do), this is a short video of a golden retriever in Kent, Ohio taking itself for a run on a treadmill that's sitting on the covered porch of its owner during a rainstorm. How about that! You think it's chasing that pile of sticks? Here I am looking for any excuse not to exercise, and this dog is running on a covered treadmill during a rainstorm. I honestly never thought a dog would make me feel so bad about my exercise regimen, and yet here we are -- a new low. Call my trainer and tell him my legs are broken.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees that's definitely better than playing in the mud depending on how you feel about your carpet.

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