A Video Detailing How Pringles Are Made

June 11, 2018

This is a video from How It's Made detailing how everyone's favorite least space-wasting chips are made. SPOILER: you see, when one chip loves another chip very much THEY DIP THEMSELVES IN RANCH AND DO THE NASTY. Or get fried and pressed with a curved rolling mold so they stack easily. Wanna guess how long the chips are fried for? I'll give you hint: eleven seconds. For reference, I usually fry marshmallows for about thirty seconds. "Why are you frying marshmallows?" You just have to remember to let them cool for a while before trying to butt-huff them. "Wait, what?" Start heating the fryer.

Keep going for the clip, complete with a linked video preview right in the middle of the screen for the last twenty seconds.

Thanks to Lev, for reminding me of the time I finally gave Pringles a chance and realized they actually make a couple edible flavors in addition to all the shitty ones.

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