A Spinning Top With Hidden Motor, Gyroscope And Battery That Spins For Over 4 Hours

June 27, 2018


"Pretty cool, right? You're all fired."

These are several videos introducing the $49+ LIMBO, a seemingly ordinary spinning top that has a motor, gyroscope and battery hidden inside that allow it to spin for over four hours on a thirty minute charge (also available in a $299 World Record kit that can spin over 40 hours). Amaze your friends! Use it as an Inception style totem to know you're not inside someone else's dream! Of course you are though -- you're in my dreams. NIGHTLY. "Go on." We meet in a moon-soaked meadow shortly after midnight -- we're both topless, the moonlight reflecting off our perfect bodies like two Roman sculptures. "My my." I'm carrying a Thompson submachine gun, and you, a ninja sword." Wait, what?" IT'S A BLOODBATH.

Keep going for three videos, the second of which tests the top's spinnability on various surfaces, the third detailing its construction.

Thanks to hairless, who informed me his totem is a POG slammer, which I plan to steal and analyze so I can sneak into his dreams.

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