A Pizza Box Designed For Eating Pizza In Bed

June 8, 2018


To celebrate Father's Day, this is the limited edition pizza box created by Boston Pizza and John St. Advertising with two legs that fold out like a breakfast-in-bed tray for eating pizza in the sack. Cool, but aren't ALL pizza boxes made for eating pizza in bed? What's wrong with just resting one on your belly like I do? "Besides making you look like a gluttonous monster?" My girlfriend happens to like the look, thank you very much. Isn't that right, honey? Honey?! Wait -- what's this note? Can you read it to me? "It says 'My dearest love, despite your penis being the absolute perfect specimen, I have to leave -- the pizza in bed has just become too much for me to bear.'" I'm heartbroken. "The rest looks like you practicing your girlfriend's signature." Give me that!

Keep going for a brief video.

Thanks to marnie, who knows what I like, and I like eating in bed. Actually I like doing everything in bed. And to K Diddie, who knows the things I don't do in bed I at least hope I'm doing in a La-Z-Boy.

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