A Little Plastic Clip-On That Turns Your Phone's Flashlight Into A Tiny Lamp

June 19, 2018


This is Luma, a tiny $10 clip-on lampshade that diffuses your smartphone's flashlight so it can function as a little lamp. It's perfect for when you realize the bedside lamp in your hotel room doesn't work, which they never do. It's not perfect for keeping in your pocket, because it is kind of penis shaped and you don't want to sell yourself short. Plus if it accidentally falls out at the bar while you're digging around in your pocket for change to play the jukebox, anybody who sees is going to think it's a sex toy. Then what do you do? "Just smile and wink." Exactly, and then? "Immediately play 'Let's Get It On.'" Congratulations, there's nothing left for me to teach you.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to cran, who informed me a tissue cupped over your phone's flashlight can accomplish the same thing, it just won't look as good. Or good at all.

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