A Dramatic 8-Minute Video Animation Of Pompeii's Last 48 Hours

June 1, 2018


This is 'A Day In Pompeii', an 8-minute animation created by Australian digital animation studio Zero One imagining what it might have looked like during the 48 hours that Mount Vesuvius began erupting and destroyed the city. It begins early in the morning with some ground tremors and the volcano beginning to smoke, then by 1PM things really start to get nasty, and by 8PM it basically looks like Mordor. It only gets progressively worse through the following day until it almost resembles the surface of the moon. I mean, if we actually knew what the surface of the moon looked like and didn't rely on 1960's and 70's Hollywood to imagine it for us. "Not this again." My grandma was right!

Keep going for the video, but don't expect a happy ending.

Thanks to hairless and Ashely G, who agree even the third Little Pig's house probably wouldn't have survived that.

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