A Bubble-Blowing Expert Shares Some Of Her Secrets

June 20, 2018

This is a WIRED video about bubble-blowing sorceress Melody Yang and her family's Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City. Unlike me, she is very good at what she does. Her demonstrations of the square bubble (3:00 in the video), spinning carousel bubble (4:00) and planet bubble (in the gif above and at 5:00 in the video) were most impressive. And here I thought my yo-yo show was spectacular. "You almost strangled yourself onstage." Pfft, that was all part of the act. "You called 911." I thought I was a goner.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees bubbles make everything better.

  • Joebags !

    My god this woman is gorgeous.

  • Forblat

    I stopped after "Bubbles are almost like us," what did I miss

  • shashi

    some hot soapy action

  • GeneralDisorder

    I could watch her blow all day... What? I'm not being a perve! That act is fascinating. Also, I would watch her do dirty things.

  • Gingerbread

    "Unlike me, she is really good at what she does."
    You are doing a wonderful job here, GW.

  • Jenness

    Ditto that statement.

  • muzamil

    Very really cool https://zubiweb.org

  • Meh

    Pretty awesome skill to have. Almost as good as one of those crazy street vendors baking and flipping food skills.

  • Eric Ord

    cuet girl

  • Bling Nye

    Well, hello, my name is Bubbles.

  • Eric Ord


  • Bling Nye

    "A Bubble-Blowing Expert Shares Some of Her Secrets"

    "...bubble-blowing sorceress..."

    "How This Woman Blows Record-Breaking Bubbles"

    I'd explain it but that would blow the joke.

  • Eric Ord

    Be honest, how many records have you broken?

  • Bling Nye
  • Ez

    That is really cool. I don't think I've ever watched an eight minute video before without skipping around.

  • Eric Ord

    Like skip, skip, skip to my Lou, or... ?

  • Ez

    I almost added "in the video" but I felt like that just made the wording even more confusing.

  • TheQiwiMan

    She is adorable.

  • The_Wretched

    And she blows bubbles. What more could a man want?

  • shashi

    She also comes from a good family. They has bubble money

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