51-Year Old Woman In Australia Arrested For Drunk-Driving Horse To Drive-Thru Liquor Store While 4X The Legal Limit

June 6, 2018


A 51-year old woman in Brisbane, Australia was recently arrested for riding her horse to the drive-thru of a bottle shop (liquor store) while more than four times the legal driving limit. Police said after refusing to leave the premise she produced a blood-alcohol reading of 0.226, or more than enough to think she actually flew to the store with her newfound superpowers.

The horse was led back to Logan Central Police Station, where police were helped by council workers who walked it back to a property in Marsden while the woman was processed.

The woman was charged with being in charge of a horse while under the influence of liquor, and will appear at Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 26.

Police said drink-driving was not limited to a vehicle, and could include a horse.

Man, she already had a blood-alcohol level of 0.226 and was GOING BACK TO THE STORE FOR MORE LIQUOR. No word if the woman is single, but a man can dream. "Of what?" Getting her the help she so clearly needs. I'm thinking roller skates so instead of riding she can just be towed. Also, is it really drunk driving if your horse knows the way?

Keep going for a brief police video posted to Twitter.

Thanks to JP, who agrees agrees you should also be allowed to walk through a drive-thru.

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