What A Pro: Local News Cameraman Walks Off Dock Into Water, Calmly Keep Filming

May 25, 2018


This is a short video from a KLAS-8 news cameraman in Las Vegas who walks off the end of a dock into a manmade lake while filming a news reporter in a kayak, and calmly keeps filming through the chairback of a paddle boat. Nice angle. Thankfully, it appears the water in the area where he fell was shallow enough to stand in so he didn't have to tread water. Sure I could have done it, but I'm also an ex-Navy SEAL. *phone rings, answers, listens, hangs up* Okay apparently I'm not supposed to say that (even though I totally was), so I'll just say I'm a world-class beach lifeguard instead. IN MALIBU. *phone rings, answers* David Hasselhoff?! Oh man, I loved you in-- haha, no, not that, the video of you drunk-eating that cheeseburger on the floor. What? No, I understand -- they have a reputation to uphold. Okay, yeah, I'll set it straight. *hangs up* What if I told you I'm Aquaman's son? *phone rings, ignores* Jesus, I can't swim and I'm afraid to shower, okay?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Deluca, who agrees this man deserves a raise and a towel.

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