Well That Sucks: Remains Of Pompeii Man Found Who Survived Initial Vesuvius Eruption, Only To Get Crushed By Giant Stone Block

May 30, 2018


A recent archeological discovery revealed the remains of a Pompeii man who appears to have survived Mount Vesuvius's initial eruption, only to be crushed by a large stone block (possibly part of a doorway) while attempting to flee the city afterwards. Man, that totally would have been me. Holy shit I made it! *dies*

A leg injury, however, may have slowed him down before he was crushed by the huge stone hurtling through the air.

Pompeii archaeologists say the skeleton shows signs of a bone infection in his leg, which could have made walking - much less running - very difficult.

...it was not slow-moving molten lava that killed most of the people of Pompeii. Instead, a vast cloud of hot gas and fragments - called a pyroclastic flow - surged over the city, killing its inhabitants wherever they were, and burying them in ash, preserving their final moment.

Archaeologists believe it was this lethal cloud which struck their newest discovery, throwing him backwards as he turned to look at it.

The man's head has yet to be found, but is believed to be under the block. Still, at least he died THINKING that he was going to make it. That's almost certainly better than knowing you're going to die, and definitely better than thinking you're not going to die, but then dying in a compromising position like with your penis stuck in a hole in the wall.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees this is exactly why you never look back to see what's behind you. The past is in the past, you should only be looking forward.

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