Violinist Uses His Instrument To Recreate A Variety Of Animal Sounds

May 14, 2018


Watch out, bro -- there's an elephant on your violin! Jk, jk, it might be Photoshop.

This is a video of musician Sebastiaan Kulwanowski performing nine different animal sounds using his violin. He does a cow, seagull, mouse, donkey, cricket, annoying fly (aren't they all?), sparrow, elephant and blackbird. Which was your favorite? I think the seagull was mine, but that's just me and I've always liked them since that one in Florida shit on my shoulder for good luck. I'm still waiting for that luck by the way -- it has been twelve years, you know.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to lizzy, who informed me her dog was particularly interested in the elephant noise. Thank you, that is valuable information and I appreciate your willingness to share it with me.

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