Video Of Hummers Dropping From Sky After Soldier Deliberately Cut Parachute Straps

May 14, 2018

This is a poor quality video of a C-130 Hercules airdrop exercise in Southern Germany starring a couple Hummers that 29-year old U.S. Sergeant John T. Skipper of the 173rd Airborne Brigade deliberately cut the parachute straps on to watch them plummet to earth and be destroyed. Skipper has since been court martialed and convicted 'of destroying property and providing a false official statement,' and dismissed from the military -- albeit NOT dishonorably. I don't know, that sounds pretty dishonorable to me. Still, no word what form we need to fill out and submit to receive our refund of the tax dollars we spent on those Hummers.

Keep going for the video, complete with some dude (I'm not sure if it's Skipper or not) laughing at the carnage.

Thanks to Greg C, who agrees Skipper should have just left it to the Fast & Furious franchise to get his fill of vehicular destruction.

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