Video Of A Barbie Power Wheels Car Modded With Dirt Bike Engine That Does 70MPH

May 25, 2018


This is the Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang that Edwin Olding heavily modified with a go kart frame and dirt bike engine that is now capable of reaching breakneck (and everything else) speeds of up to 70MPH. For reference, that's entirely 10MPH too fast for a four year old.

Olding told The Drive, "I wanted to find the cutest Barbie Power Wheels car online and turn it into a drift kart."

With the miniature Mustang's tiny electric motor and plastic tires, that would not be an easy task. Instead of trying to boost the Power Wheels' weak performance, Olding decided to chop out everything that wasn't the car's outer shell and drop that onto a pre-built go-kart found on Craigslist. That, however, presented its own problems. The kart's frame couldn't fit into the Mustang's 36-inch wheelbase, so it had to be cut down and welded back together.

So it's really just a go-kart with a Barbie Power Wheels plastic frame. I guarantee my little sister still wants one though. She's somewhat of a daredevil, you know. "Please don't make me jump off the roof again." Come on -- this is a 39-gallon lawn and yard garbage bag, it's probably twice the parachute you need.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Chris C, who likes how the exhaust blows straight into the driver's face. I would love that.

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