Video From A GoPro Inside A Bowling Ball Shot Out Of A Cannon

May 17, 2018

This is a video of Youtuber gabenandee's daughter's 7th grade science fair project (with a fair amount of help from her father) whose hypothesis was presumably, "I bet a camera inside a bowling bowl shot out of a cannon would look pretty bitchin'." After watching the video, that is definitely not a hypothesis I can reject. Although apparently the actual experiment involved calculating how high the bowling ball traveled using different amounts of black powder. Speaking of-- "You can't snort it." You can snort anything if you don't care what happens to you. Me? I made a volcano for my 7th grade science fair project. "Like with baking soda and vinegar?" No, my hypothesis was something like, 'I bet it'll be awesome if I only eat Taco Bell for three weeks straight.' "Oh wow." I was a precocious child. "And your results?" I had to be hospitalized for the rest of the school year.

Keep going for the video, but consider this a possible dizziness/seizure warning.

Thanks to Rip, who dreams of launching himself out of a cannon one day. It's on everyone's bucket list, isn't it?

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