Valuable Information: How To Properly Brush Your Cat's Teeth

May 24, 2018


Smell your cat's breath -- what's it smell like? Like a cross between cat food and its a$$hole, right? Enter the latest installment of Dr. Burstyn's Helpful Vancouver Vet video series, detailing how to safely brush your cat's teeth (previously: how to properly pick up a cat). Amazingly, none of the steps include 'Buy a full suit of medieval armor' like I would have expected, which might explain why there's so much of my own blood all over the bathroom. "Do you even have a cat, GW?" No I do not.

Keep going for the video, and watch the cat's eyes shift after the grabs the brush around 1:38.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who informed her her cat likes licking between her toes while she's sleeping. Yeah that's like flossing to them.

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