Vader, Stormtrooper And Boba Fett Helmets Reimagined As Monster's Heads

May 10, 2018


These are the Darth Vader, stormtrooper and Boba Fett helmet inspired monster heads imagined by 3D game artist Lucas Bischoff. I'm really digging the stormtrooper and Vader ones. And by really digging I mean sleeping with the lights on tonight. Did you hear that?! "Probably rats." Ugh, it IS probably rats. I need to burn this place down and start over. "Won't your parents get mad?" You really do make me feel good, you know that?

Keep going for the rest.






Thanks to my buddy Terry, who has a whole collection of those fancy lightsabers with all lights and sound effects. At least four that I know of.

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