Trippy 'Out Of Time' Offset Wall Clock

May 1, 2018


This is the €59 (~$71) Out Of Time wall clock made and sold by light4dark. Thanks to a sheet of clear acrylic glass, it appears some of the clock's numbers are actually on the wall. I'm not sure how convincing the illusion looks in real life (i.e. with a glare), but I imagine it's trippy enough looking. Whoa bro, I'm not sure if I'm just really drunk, but it looks like your clock is slipping off onto the wall! "It's a novelty clock." Cool, but I do think I'm really drunk too because I did just pee in all your dresser drawers. Make pizza rolls.

Keep going for a couple more color options.




Thanks to Clark, who dreams of a life where time doesn't matter. Same here.

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