Trippy: New Auditory Video Lets You Hear 'Brainstorm' Or 'Green Needle' Depending On Which You Want To Hear

May 18, 2018


Hot on the heels of the Yanny vs Laurel debate (I only heard a demon begging to be set free), this is a new video of an interactive Ben 10 Alien Force toy that sounds like it's saying 'brainstorm' or 'green needle' (or, as commenter TheQiwiMan pointed out, 'brain needle' or 'green storm'), depending on what one you want to hear. Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, no matter how hard I wanted it to, I couldn't make it sound like it was saying 'I love you'. That's something you can never really hear enough, you know? "Awww, I love you." YOU DON'T MEAN IT. "You know I do." Whatever, mom!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to ClosetNerd, who agrees only hearing what you want to hear is really a gift provided you don't care about consequences.

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