Timelapse Of An Amish Barn Raising Over The Course Of A Day

May 29, 2018


These are several timelapse videos of an Amish barn raising In Ohio, taking place in a single day from 7AM to 5PM. Sure it's not 100% complete at the end of the day, but it's still some very impressive work. You know somebody has actually been trying to build a house behind mine for almost two years now, but it always catches fire in the middle of the night and they keep having to start over. "You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" Only that I like the view I have now.

Keep going for a three and a half minute version (I saw a horse go by around 1:50), a six and a half minute version, as well as the whole thing in reverse in forty seconds.

Thanks to Terrance, who agrees these guys could teach Rome a thing or two about building.

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