The Beerbell, A Floating Beer Koozie That Looks Like A Dumbell

May 24, 2018


Seen here watching in awe and reverence as his dad guzzles a beer in the hot tub, a boy catches a brief glimpse of his future. Enter the Beerbell, a $15 insulated floating drink koozie that looks kinda like a dumbell and weighs three pounds. Amazon product description highlights:

DRINK HOLDER AND DRINK IDENTIFIER- Boat, Yard, Car, Outdoor, Party, Beer, Soft Drink, Water

FLOATING DRINK HOLDER Enjoy your drink while you relax at the Pool Beach Hot Tub Lake or River

MAN CAVE The Beerbell is a great addition to any man cave. You will be the most popular person at the party when you give the Beerbell to your someone special

Ahahahahaha, what?! There is no way giving a Beerbell to your someone special is going to make you the most popular person at the party -- unless it's the most popular person to make fun of. Still, my funny stories aren't working like they usually do, so I guess it's worth a shot. *hands girlfriend a Beerbell* "I wanted jewelry." She loves it, everyone! "I hate it." *nobody is paying attention anyways* Great, now not only am I not popular, my girlfriend hates me. I was lied to! *angrily starts writing one-star review, starting with 'Well, you better hope it doubles as a Fleshlight.'*

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to JD, who agrees you're gonna need two if you plan on doing some double-fisting hammer curls.

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