Stork Takes To The Sky Just In Time To Avoid Leopard Attack

May 12, 2018


In 'nope, not today' news, this is a short video from Tanzania of a stork taking flight and narrowly avoiding certain death in the claws and jaws of a hungry leopard, with 0.01 seconds left to spare (personal estimate, possibly less). I'm pretty sure the leopard actually makes contact with the bird's tail feathers. Delivering babies in Tanzania: it's dangerous work. Those leopards man -- they're like the broad daylight ninjas of the animal kingdom. Me? I'm more of a nighttime ninja myself. I bet you didn't even realize I borrowed your car last night. "Wait, what?!" I'm kidding, I'm kidding. "Oh thank God." Seriously though I think it got impounded.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Simon L, who agrees with the leopard perk on your real-life character sheet you can leave work at any time without being noticed.

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