Star Wars Millennium Falcon And TIE Fighter Picnic Blankets

May 29, 2018


Seen here being modeled by a lady who clearly picnics the same way I always do (alone and with a pathetic food spread) these are the $58 Star Wars Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter picnic blankets available from Merchoid. They measure 150 x 200cm (~4.9 x 6.5-feet) and come in their own Star Wars branded carrying bags so even if somebody doesn't know what's in your bag, they at least know it's something Star Wars. Me? I don't like people knowing what's in my bag. I like to keep it a SECRET. "Sex toys?" How'd you know? "You dropped some butt stuff like two blocks ago." And you weren't going to say anything?!

Keep going for a couple more shots of all the outdoor fun to be had.




Thanks to lizzy, who's holding out for a Death Star picnic blanket that can seat 1.7-million.

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