Scientists Construct The World's Tiniest (0.3-Millimeter) House

May 25, 2018


This is a shot of the world's smallest house, constructed by a nanorobotics team from the Femto-ST Institute in Besançon, France. The entire structure measures only 300 x 300 micrometers (0.3 millimeters, ~ the width of three human hairs). How did they build it? Apparently not with really tiny hammers and nails like I had imagined:

The team used a focused ion bean like scissors to cut a silica membrane. Once cut, a gas injection system was used to stick the edges of the structure in place. This project is the first time that the team was able to realize patterning and assembly with less than 2 nanometers of accuracy.

Impressive. But for a brand new house that roof looks like shit and the foundation is already cracked. Just what kind of two-bit construction company are you running here, anyways? I bet the toilets in that place couldn't even flush a flea turd. I want my money back. "You didn't pay anything." It's perfect, let me just grab my bags and shrink-ray.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees a hot pie left on that window sill to cool would probably not be worth stealing unless there were a trillion more where that came from.

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