Real Products That Exist: Coddies, Open-Toed Sandals That Look Like Fish

May 25, 2018


In 'Where was Big Mouth Billy Bass on this?' news, these are Coddies, £13 (~$17) lightweight open-toed foam sandals that look like fish. They currently come in cod and goldfish varieties and are sure to be a great conversation starter at your next barbecue, which I will be attending. I can see us now:

Me: "Hey, nice sandals."
You: "Thanks."
Me: "I'm joking, when are the burgers gonna be done?"
You: "Oh, just another couple-- *you look up, realize I'm already halfway across the yard, elbow-deep in your beer cooler and telling lies about you to anybody who will listen*

Thanks for inviting me though, seriously -- you're a good friend.

Keep going for several more shots and a video. Also, a portion of all profits go to UK charities for fish conversation, in case that affects your purchase decision.







Thanks again to K Diddie, who's holding out for shark sandals so people know he's not a man to be messed with.

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