Puma Releasing Two Different $130 Sonic The Hedgehog Inspired Sneakers

May 24, 2018


These are the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog themed sneakers from Puma and Sega. They'll come in two varieties: a blue Sonic themed pair (the RS-0 Sonic), and a red Dr. Eggman themed pair (the RS-0 Dr. Eggman). Both will cost $130 and be available June 5th. Are you going to buy some? "No." Are you going to buy me some? "No." Are you going to buy me a ring? "What?" I mean, we've known each other for a long time, I just want to make sure this relationship is going somewhere. "We're not in a relationship." That might be the most hurtful thing you've ever told me. "Also the biggest lie." I knew it! Come here, you.

Keep going for shots from all around (including the see-through bottoms), as well as the Dr. Eggmans.








Thanks to Robby, who agrees if these things don't give you the power to run through loop-the-loops, they're a sham.

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