Publix Grocery Store Censors 'Summa Cum Laude' Graduation Cake

May 23, 2018


A whole fiver?! Thanks mom and dad!

The online custom cake ordering system used by Publix detected "profane characters" on the $70 graduation cake that Cara Koscinski was trying to purchase for her son Jacob, who was graduating high school summa cum laude ('with highest honor') with a GPA of 4.79. It replaced those characters with hyphens. Thankfully, Cara was able to receive a refund and gift card after complaining Publix's custom cake ordering system clearly didn't graduate at the top of its class.

In the special instructions, Koscinski explained that the system was mistaking part of the phrase for something inappropriate, but that her son was graduating with highest honors.

However, when Koscinski received the cake, she said the message had been written as "Summa --- Laude," censoring out part of the phrase with hyphens. Another family member who didn't know what the cake was supposed to say picked it up, so Koscinski didn't know until it was home that something wasn't right.

Koscinski said the situation was embarrassing to explain to guests, including her 70-year-old mother.

She had to explain the cake to her 70 year old mother -- that's great. That's like having a reverse sex talk with your kids. If I were her I would have just ordered a cake that read 'Summa Cam Laude', and wiped out the top of the a with a finger to make a u. Of course that's just me and I'm a genius and graduated with an 8.0 GPA. "There's no such thing." In my home school there was. Prom still sucked though (I had to take a stuffed animal and the principal kept breaking us up for 'dancing too close').

Keep going for a shot of the 'profane/special characters not allowed' warning on their online ordering system.


Thanks to MSA, who agrees Cara should have just gotten one of those construction themed cakes with all the yellow plastic bulldozers on it instead.

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