Picture A Day: Video Of A Girl Aging Every Day From Ages 14 - 22

May 3, 2018

This is another one of those videos of a person who's taken a selfie of themselves every day for a period of time, and created a timelapse out of it. In this case, Youtuber Eadington over the course of eight years as she ages from 14 to 22. I like how this one was edited so her face always remains perfectly centered. Personally, I feel like these videos never grow old -- unlike the person making them, LOLOL! "You really need to get out more, GW." I really need to get out AT ALL. "You've been dadding it up pretty hard lately, just how many kids do you have now anyways?" I feel like I adopted an entire daycare. "But in reality?" It's just me and a dog who fits in a purse.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Ruby G, for making me wish I'd had more than just my yearbook photo taken every year.

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