Nope: Hanging Roller Coaster Leaves Riders Stuck At Top Of Highest Drop For Two Hours

May 3, 2018


Thirty-two riders recently got the thrill of a lifetime at the Universal Studios theme park in Osaka, Japan after a faulty safety mechanism on the Jurassic Park flying dinosaur roller coaster caused their hanging cars to stop right before the 98-foot drop at the beginning of the ride. The riders, who were all strapped in hanging face-down, had to wait two hours for their rescuers to move a maintenance platform beneath their cars, at which point they were released from their safety harnesses and had to make their way down those terrifying maintenance stairs back to earth. No word how many people below were shat on in the process.

It took about two hours for everyone to be rescued, and the coaster was repaired, and operating test runs, just two hours after the incident occurred.

Wait -- they had the ride up and running again just another two hours after they got everyone off?! Ahahahahaha, man -- just like the queue for a water ride on the coldest day of the year, that line must have been SHORT.

Keep going for a video of the rescue operation in progress.

Thanks to Michael GMO, who may or may not have been genetically modified when I convinced him to stick his hand in the hole I cut in the front of the microwave.

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