Married To The Dark Side: A Death Star Engagement Ring

May 11, 2018


Because nothing says our love is eternal like a space-based superweapon, these are the Death Star engagement rings crafted and sold by Etsy shop AlienFormsJewelery. They're available in a variety of silver and gold finishes and range in price from $450 (sterling silver) to $1,200 (18k gold). You also have the option to have a cubic zircon (included in price) or another gemstone (extra) set in the eye of the superlaser. I asked my girlfriend if this is the engagement ring she wanted and she just gave me a dirty look, which I mistook for bedroom eyes and now I'm naked and alone, ruining the freshly washed duvet again with chocolate covered cherry tomatoes (they're all I had).

Keep going for several more shots of the different metal varieties available.








Thanks to my buddy Dave, who asked me to promise to buy him a promise ring. Tell you what -- how about a promise to promise to buy you a promise ring, but with my fingers crossed behind my back and a wet-willy after?

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's no Honeymoon!

  • "Will you marry m--
    Why are you laughing?
    Ow, stop hitting me, I'll get a different ring!"
    And that is how that would go.

  • Bling Nye

    ...why is the "engagement ring" on the middle finger?

  • TheQiwiMan

    You hopeless romantic, GW.

  • Eric Ord

    He certainly is hopeless lol!

  • Geekologie


  • Jenness

    This is the FIRST ring I've seen like this. Neat but I think they are underestimating the bling factor a bit. Would have been nice to see maybe even an etched hard stone, or black diamond or just more stones to give it luminosity or sparkle.

    Also, what will you propose "I want to love you to death of several planets until rebels find our ridiculous blind spot and blast us apart." ??

  • Eric Ord


    I like where this is headed!

  • Geekologie

    I thought the same thing, like the Death Star should have been a carved black pearl

  • bakuryu

    You mean the actual Death Star,don't you?
    Probably it would have been harder to blow up.

    BTW, now I finally understand what "the curse of the black pearl" really meant:
    easely blowable.
    On a side note,that's also codename for my small you-know-what.

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