Married To The Dark Side: A Death Star Engagement Ring

May 11, 2018


Because nothing says our love is eternal like a space-based superweapon, these are the Death Star engagement rings crafted and sold by Etsy shop AlienFormsJewelery. They're available in a variety of silver and gold finishes and range in price from $450 (sterling silver) to $1,200 (18k gold). You also have the option to have a cubic zircon (included in price) or another gemstone (extra) set in the eye of the superlaser. I asked my girlfriend if this is the engagement ring she wanted and she just gave me a dirty look, which I mistook for bedroom eyes and now I'm naked and alone, ruining the freshly washed duvet again with chocolate covered cherry tomatoes (they're all I had).

Keep going for several more shots of the different metal varieties available.








Thanks to my buddy Dave, who asked me to promise to buy him a promise ring. Tell you what -- how about a promise to promise to buy you a promise ring, but with my fingers crossed behind my back and a wet-willy after?

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