Love Those Little Guys: Video Of A Hundred* Hummingbirds Flocking Feeders

May 2, 2018

*A hundred is a personal estimate

This is a video of a ton (okay, maybe a quarter pound) of hummingbird flocking the feeders of a resident of Bishop, Texas, during their migration south to Mexico and Central America to spend the winter. In the videographer's own words, which are actually heartbreaking and inspiring all at once:

"This was taken at my house on my front porch. I was feeling a little down after just saying our final goodbyes to my youngest son after his passing away. I decided to try to enjoy the little things in life. The joy I felt knowing these little hummers were getting a tummy full before making the last few legs of their migration trip overwhelmed me with excitement."

Well, let me be the first to tell you how awkward it is to start crying during an advertising pitch with a client when you're trying to inconspicuously check Geekologie tips on your phone. I did not see that coming. Tell your children you love them, and remember to enjoy the little things in life.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to LAR, who's not convinced those hummingbirds didn't come to pay their last respects.

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