INTENSE: The Sport Of Dodging A Spear Repeatedly Jabbed At Your Face

May 31, 2018

This is a video of Shen Qing & Zhang Yangyang's choreographed spear routine from the China National Wushu Games in Tianjin, China. Basically, one woman repeatedly stabs a spear at the other's head and body, and she dodges. VERY QUICKLY. Even watching the video at 0.25x speed on Youtube it's impressive. How do they even practice this? "Hopefully with a mask." Obviously, this is not a sport I would be very good at. Competitive eating? Absolutely. Sleeping? Reigning champion. "I bet I could beat you." I'm asleep right now. "Same, and I have been for hours." I was born asleep and still haven't woken up.

Keep going for the insane video.

Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees this is not the sport for people with slow reflexes, or who don't want to eventually have to wear an eyepatch.

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