Illustrations Released For The Upcoming Studio Ghibli Theme Park In Japan

May 2, 2018


These are several just-released illustrations of the upcoming Studio Ghibli theme park in Japan (built at the same location where Satsuki and Mei's house from 'My Neighbor Totoro' already exists). The park will have five main areas, each with its own Studio Ghibli movie themes. Unfortunately the park, which was originally scheduled to open in 2020, will now open in 2022. That's too long. A breakdown of the different areas while I book boat passage (I don't fly anymore) and plan how I can secretly live there:

Area 1: Seishun no oka (the hill of youth), the entrance to the park, inspired by Howl's Moving Castle And Whisper Of The Heart

Area 2: Ghibli daisoko (Ghibli Warehouse), an enclosed area open all year round with "exhibitions, film screenings and all sorts of memorabilia"

Area 3: Mononoke no sato (Mononoke Village), dedicated to Princess Mononoke

Area 4: Majo no tani (Valley of the Witch), inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle (you can never have enough Howl's moving castle in my opinion)

Area 5: Dondoko mori (Dondoko Forest), dedicated to My Neighbor Totoro, where the existing house already sits

I really do want to live there is the thing. Have I ever told you I secretly lived on Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland for three days before I decided to move to Space Mountain and got busted trying to jump out of the coaster? I should have planned that better. Now I've been banned from the park for life and they posted my picture everywhere to warn employees. "I've never seen it." I was wearing a Mickey Mouse mask.

Keep going for shots of all the areas, in order.

Area 1:

Area 2:


Area 3:

Area 4:

Area 5:

Park Overview:

Thanks to Stephanie B, who promised to take me as soon as it opens, which I plan to collect on.

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