Idiot Family Gets Out Of Car In Safari Park, Narrowly Miss Cheetah Attack

May 11, 2018


This is a video of a very poor-decision-making family who all got out of their vehicle at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands and narrowly avoided getting attacked by cheetahs. A manager at the park says the animals are all well-fed (plus on a schedule) and don't appear to be hunting, although I'm fairly certain that won't prevent a mauling for being a dumbass.

Initially a man opens one of the front doors to take pictures of a group of cheetahs lying nearby.

A woman climbs out of one of the back doors to place two items in the car's boot.

Two children then exit the car to get a better look of the cheetahs.

Later in the video, the cheetahs can be seen bounding towards the family after they got out of their car further down the road.

One of the women, who picks up the smallest child, can be seen shooing the cheetahs away as she walks towards the car.

The whole family managed to get back into their vehicle without being hurt.

It really is amazing how stupid people can be. Like, I have a vague concept of how stupid I am (somewhere between incredibly and full-blown), and even I know better than this. What does that make these people? And with three small children in tow? It's incredible. I feel like our collective gene pool is little more than a clogged toilet at this point.

Keep going for the video. And, admittedly, props to that lady carrying the kid for remaining so calm, although I in no way attribute that to her knowledge and mastery of wilderness survival skills.

Thanks to Dev, who agrees the best place for these people to get out of their car is probably an assisted-living community.

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