I Want Out: Fingernail Art That Looks Like Teeth

May 11, 2018


Seen here being modeled by a woman who clearly favors chewing with one middle finger and definitely has a few cavities, this is the molar teeth fingernail art created by Russian salon chain Nail Sunny. They look like human teeth. They're not even for Halloween. What's the matter with people? Thankfully, I was able to find some sexy lady fingernail art also created by Nail Sunny to serve as a palate cleanser. Palate cleanser! Mouth -- teeth, there's a connection there, right? "Not a very good one." I never said anything about it being good.

Keep going for one more shot of these, a video of them doing some chomping, as well as the palate cleanser which actually didn't do that much cleansing.


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Thanks to Brianna, who agrees there's no way the end isn't right around the corner.

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