Hammer Time!: Guy Attacks Car With Sledgehammer

May 23, 2018


This is some security cam footage of Thor riding the lightning (technically a Chevy pickup) to chase down and attack another driver with a modified, long-handled version of Mjölnir. He manages to break the driver's side window and put a couple dents in the door before the driver takes off, spilling his passenger (who had foolishly opened his door) into the parking lot. Thor then takes a whack at the passenger's back before the dude is able to get back in the car and speed away. So why all the Ragnarök? Steamy details!:

One witness, who did not want to be identified, told NBC10 he heard the attacker yell out, "You're cheating with my girlfriend."

Philadelphia police renewed their appeal for those involved or who recognize the parties involved to reach out to investigators. Police can't investigate it any further until a person involved in the incident comes forward.

The owner [of the business where the incident took place] told NBC10 they were unable to file a police report because they were only a third party to the incident. He also said no one at the business knew any of the people involved.

Ah, the old love triangle -- classic Norse mythology. But wasn't Thor married to Sif? And didn't Loki claim to have slept with her when Thor was away on unspecified business? So that must have been Loki in the other car! Now I'm no detective, but I think it's pretty clear now that I should be.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to ClosetNerd, who agrees good luck having either party come forward in a police case involving cheating and a sledgehammer attack.

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