Guy Tries To Open Wine Bottle With A Blowtorch

May 3, 2018


Because some people are full of bright ideas, this is a video of a guy in an Avengers vs X-Men pullover trying to-- "Armani Exchange." What? "The pullover he's wearing." Wouldn't that make it AE? "AE is American Eagle." Whatever, I only wear the clothes my mom makes me. This is a video of some guy in an Armani Exchange pullover trying to open a six dollar bottle of Gallo Family red wine with a blowtorch. SPOILER: the entire bottle neck shatters in an explosion, leaving me no choice but to speculate this guy might not be a trained sommelier. Are you sure you should even be drinking wine? Maybe you should stick to that apple juice on the back counter. "That's cooking oil." Yeah, stick to that.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees some broken glass in your wine is only natural.

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