Guy Playing Virtual Reality Ping-Pong Learns The Table Isn't Really There

May 10, 2018


This is a video of Twitch streamer Ragethe4KGamer playing a casual game of virtual reality table tennis when he unthinkingly goes to scoop the ball off the table and falls through it. You know, because that's why it's called virtual reality -- the stuff really isn't there. Just a heads up though if you fall in virtual reality you can still shatter a hip so be careful. Especially if you have friends who won't hesitate to push you into a coffee table when you're vulnerable. I remember one time I was at a buddy's place checking out his new VR system and-- "Somebody pushed you?" No, they all quietly left to go to a party without me. "Awwww." It's cool, who would want to stick around for a massive house fire anyways?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees actual reality is already virtual enough. WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY?

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