Guy Creates A 5,400 Ball Ball-Pit Hallway For His Dog

May 16, 2018

Note: The video should autostart at the part with the dog playing in the pit, which is the only part that matters. Skip to 0:57 if it doesn't.

This is a video of the ball-pit that Charlie White (aka video game reviewer Cr1TiKaL) made for his pet husky using 5,400 balls he bought from Toys-R-Us during their going-out-of-business sale. I thought about doing something similar for my dog but she's afraid of balls, presumably because after she got hit by a car (she was a street dog), she hid in the dugout of a baseball field until rescuers found her, so they stir up bad memories. "I doubt that's why." Dogs are weird. Can you even imagine a ten pound dog getting hit by a car? She somehow managed to limp away with only a broken hip. She's lucky to be alive. She's also lucky I fell in love with her and she lives with me now. What -- now don't you give me that look!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Tank, who will sadly never know the joy of jumping in a ball-pit without instantly ruining all the fun.

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