First Person Footage Of A Guy Using A Paint Flamethrower During Paintball Match

May 14, 2018


This is the first-person footage of paintballer Craig Palmer using a paint flamethrower during a 2,000 person (good lord) match at the Sniperz Den paintball center in Saint Paul, Oregon. Are paintthrowers even allowed? I have no clue -- do I look like a man who's into competitive shooting sports? No, I prefer doing battle UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. "Sword fighting?" Rock, paper, scissors.

Keep going for the video while I speculate if the range of paintthrowers is regulated for fair play. Feel free to chime in.

Thanks to Damien, who won a round of paintball wielding nothing but a paintknife, apparently because he's as good as I am at Counter-Strike.

  • shashi

    prefer the old school

  • Lisa Fowler

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  • Alf in pog form

    Don't you mean paint /per month?

  • Jonathan Tippett

    Seems like cheating. Isn't part of the paintball appeal having to aim?

  • Ollie Williams

    He is having to aim. He's actually at a disadvantage considering he can't fire as far as a conventional paintball gun.

  • WhiteEagle2

    Next step, "Paint Mustard Gas".

  • GeneralDisorder

    Paintball grenades exist but they're extremely fucking pointless (and stupidly overpriced).

    I've heard someone build a claymore mine for paintball but it was spring activated and stupid.

    I always wanted to build some paint sprayer as a land-mine but all of my paintball friend said "if you build that and use it on me we're gonna have a firing squard."

  • striderx515

    well, there's already PB trip mines, grenades (water balloons with paint), nerf bazookas (legal only for scenario games with tanks mostly) and gatling PB I guess a flamethrower was the eventual next step.

  • Kimberly J. Barton

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  • Andrew Foss

    Is that before or after the cost of the donkey and paying off the cops to ignore the bestiality law?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Before. Obviously. Those figures don't make sense. And you have to have a variety of donkeys or the audience gets bored.

  • Eric Ord

    If there was a Geekologie paintball match, I'd jump out in front of The_Wretched right away and yell FIRST as he shot me lol <3

  • *as all of us shot you

  • Eric Ord

    Yeah right how many sock puppets did you set up to give yourself all those thumbs up

  • By request care of @olliewilliams:disqus

  • Eric Ord

    Do me a solid and tell him I bet he logs out to read my stuff

  • Eric Ord

    Oh wait, I just got an idea, why don't you tell him that if he hates me getting firsts so bad and it makes him so angry, why doesn't he put forth the effort to get firsts instead.

    So yeah

  • Now you are blowing my mind. So if you came over to my house eating a cookie and getting crumbs and chocolate all over the fucking place, and I get upset about it... your response would be "why don't you put forth the effort to get crumbs all over your OWN house"??

    Let me put this analogy in terms you understand:

    Cookie is Geekologie Posts

    Crumbs are Firsts

    Me is Everyone

    Nobody gives a shit about your firsts. I want your firsts like crumbs in my couch... like a rock in my shoe... like an asshole on my elbow.

  • Eric Ord

    I'm still first tho

  • I can respect that.

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