Finally, A 6-Inch Captain Picard Facepalm Bust For Your Desk

May 15, 2018


This is the six-inch Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Facepalm Bust created by IconHeroes and available exclusively from ThinkGeek for (at least in my Taco Bell $5 Chalupa Cravings Box for lunch and dinner opinion) a completely unjustifiable $65. The bust is limited to 1,602 pieces (and not 1,701 like the USS Enterprise's designation -- presumably to incite facepalms from fans). Obviously, I'm going to steal a friend's and set it on the end of my desk at work, then when anybody asks me a question I'll remain silent and turn the bust around to face them. They should get the hint. If they don't I'll tell them their question was stupid.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a high school quality commercial.




Thanks again to Terrance, who agrees twenty bucks, tops.

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