Don't Tell My Aunt: Wine Kegs Now Available

May 23, 2018


Move over boxes, this is one of the $240 wine kegs (tap sold separately) available from Bridge Lane, a wine label from Lieb Cellars of Long Island, New York. Each 49-pound plastic-shelled keg contains a bladder filled with 19.5-liters (26 bottles) of my aunt's favorite lunch. Current kegs available include chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, red blend, white merlot and rosé. Live outside the New York City area? No problem, they'll FedEx us just the bladder so we can still make a bathtub full of sangria. "Your bathtub is disgusting."'s yours? "Not much better." Let's go buy a kiddy pool. Plus if nobody comes to our party we'll just drink as much as we can then wrestle in what's left! Wait -- where are you going? "To buy that kiddy pool." Aw yeah!

Thanks to Charlotte, who I feel like has the perfect wine-drinker's name.

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