Donald Glover Gives A Tour Of The Millennium Falcon

May 4, 2018


To celebrate Star Wars Day, but mostly to advertise the upcoming Han Solo movie (have you heard about this?!), this is a video of Donald Glover (young Lando Calrissian) giving an MTV Cribs style tour of the Millennium Falcon. He tours the living quarters, guest quarters, kitchen and wet bar, and the captain's quarters (including walk-in cape armoire), before hitting the cockpit. He says the cape armoire is probably the coolest part of the ship though. And man does he own a lot of capes. Me? I only have one cape, my WIZARD one. "That's a stained bed sheet." Sure, but in my MIND it's a wizard cape. *modeling* See? "You look ridiculous." Hey do bedbugs itch?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless and Stephanie B, who agree Han Solo must have converted Lando's robe armoire into smuggling storage once he got a hold of the ship.

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