Criminal Masterminds Try To Drag ATM Out Of Courthouse With Truck, Fail

May 16, 2018


This is a video of two master criminals auditioning for Ocean's Two by backing a Chevy Silverado pickup truck through the entrance of a courthouse in Pasadena, Texas, then hooking a tow strap to an ATM, and driving away with nothing but the front plate of the ATM that they managed to rip off (although it looks like they consider trying again before bailing). Obviously, they will not be receiving a callback. Also, no word how long it will be until these two are being led handcuffed through the giant hole they created on the way to their arraignment.

Keep going for the Facebook video.

Thanks to Josh F, who informed me he lives in Pasadena and this was not him, although I suspect he may just be trying to cover his tracks.

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