Coyote Peterson Narrates Two Dung Beetles Fighting Over A Turd

May 4, 2018


Admittedly, that is a turdball that would make anybody happy.

This is a video of pain-lover Coyote Peterson taking a break from getting stung by and bitten by things to narrate two dung beetles fighting over a turdball ("Stop stealing my shit") in their quest to roll it up a hill and into one of their burrows. If you've ever wanted to watch a video with maximum levels of spoken 'turd' and 'turdball', this is the video for you. I smiled every time he says it, and he says it a LOT. Plus the dung beetle action is actually pretty great. I'll definitely have to re-crunch the numbers, but this may be a top 20 Youtube video for me.

Keep going for the action packed adventure.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees there's got to be a metaphor for life in this video somewhere.

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