Classic: The Ol' Car Driven Through The Principal's Office Senior Prank

May 16, 2018


These are two photos taken by police after receiving a call that a car had crashed into the principal's office at Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Wisconsin. There was no car crash though, it was just a prank carried out by seniors at the school using the rear end of a car (the back window reads 'Class of 2018 Beavers We're Bustin Out!'), some cleverly arranged bricks, black plastic sheeting, and tape. Not a bad prank. I can't even remember what my high school's senior prank was, because I'm pretty sure I skipped that day to protest everyone's refusal to go with my idea of using vinegar to kill the grass on the sports field in the shape of a giant penis, which I did alone anyways and now I'm a legend at that school. "Weren't you homeschooled?" My parents were so pissed.

Keep going for one more shot from the side.


Thanks to Erin L, who informed me her senior prank was filling the entire school lobby with Solo cups filled with water. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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